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Sometimes a failing air conditioning system is simply the result of electrical components gone bad. Comfort Connection's technicians can get inside your AC system, locate where a broken fuse or capacitor might be, and get it changed out quickly.

Sometimes there's a problem with the condenser's coils and they need just need some touchups that our professionals can do quickly. Even if the repairs are minor, you should still call us instead of attempting to repair your air conditioner yourself, since it can take in-depth knowledge to get to the problem.

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Schedule Your Residential Air Conditioner Repairs in Kill Devil Hills, NC

Summer in North Carolina often has very humid temperatures. That's why you need to keep your home or business at comfortable and cool temperatures during this time, and to do that, you need to check to make sure your air conditioner is running properly.

Even if your system is running, that doesn't mean that repairs aren't needed. Sometimes, certain components of the air conditioner can malfunction and cause your operating bills to go up.

If you believe it’s time to cut the costs of cooling, Comfort Connection can come to do business and residential AC repairs.

Other times, commercial and residential air conditioner repairs  have more sophisticated problems that require overhaul work. This work includes ducts, such as those in older homes, that have issues and need to be replaced. Maybe a heat pump or air compressor is having problems and needs to be repaired.

Our technicians will diagnose the problem and see if they can repair your system, but if worse comes to worst, we may recommend installing a brand-new central air system. If that's the case, we’ll help find the best system that fits your home size and cooling needs.

Comfort Connection services the greater Kill Devil Hills, NC, area and has established a great customer service track record. We’re locally owned and have achieved the necessary certifications to operate in North Carolina. We offer same-day service and are always ready to come onsite when you have a problem. So if you're experiencing a summer that's too hot, give us a call at (252) 480-3333.